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Heat Sealers

Our family of impulse and constant heat sealers are sold exclusively by our dealers.

Hand Operated, Table-Top, Impulse Sealers

These table-top sealers are operated by hand and are rugged enough to be used in constant operation.

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Hand Operated, Table-Top,
Impulse Sealers with Cutter

These sealers with built-in cutter are ideal for use with tubing. In effect, the user can "make their own" bag of any length. The cutter produces a neat, consistent margin " above the seal. Can also be used with regular poly bags to give a consistent "cut-off" above the seal.

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Foot Pedal Operated Impulse Sealers

Foot pedal sealers leave both hands free to handle product and bag, offering high production and ease of operation.

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Automatic Sealers

These table-top sealers have 3 control dials which allow independent control of seal time, congeal time and cycle interval. Switch selectable for full automatic or semi-automatic using foot pedal switch (included).

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Double Sealers

These foot pedal operated sealers are ideal for sealing very thick poly bags. They have a heating element in the lower and upper jaws - effectively applying heat to both sides of a thick bag.

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Constant Heat Sealers

These foot pedal operated sealers are ideal for sealing cellophane, cello-like material, mylar and many other "exotic" materials (Because of the melt-point characteristics of these materials, impulse sealers will not produce a good seal).

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Hand-Held Sealers

These are constant heat sealers. One model is useful for sealing poly bags (MP-6PS); the other is ideal for cellophane, etc (MP-6CS). They can be hand-held, table-top or foot operated (using the foot pedal attachment - included).

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Crimp Sealers

These hand-held sealers are great for spot seals and "tacking." They provide an easy, fast way to seal clamshells or "tack" many types of material that require a constant heat sealer.

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